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Service Philosophy


. People foremost, novel design

Guided by the design philosophy of people foremost, the elevator chamber is luxurious and comfortable. Multiple of decorations and simple and elegant space fully meet various user needs. We can also offer non-standard design according to specific customer requirements.


2. Advanced technology, complete functions

Powerful technical human resource specializes in the development of new technology and functions. The selection of a multiple of control functions brings users more convenience. Users can also select elevators with different functions according to the building’s actual conditions, which will contribute to easier operation and more reasonable elevator utilization.


3. Comfortable, safe and reliable

Advanced control system enables our elevators to adapt easily to various control requirements in terms of function and performance. The elevator’s ideal velocity curve can offer precise control over the operation speed of the alternating current motor, allowing the elevator to be stable and comfortable and offer good performance during starting, operation and braking. Besides, all our safety components have passed the type test by related inspection institution of the State.


4. Energy-saving, environmentally-friendly

Employment of the advanced vector control technology and comprehensive regulation of supply frequency, voltage, current help reduce heat emission and achieve the best moment of force, which in turn minimizes the vibration and noise level during elevator operation and greatly cuts down energy consumption by more than 30%.


5. Flexible configuration, meeting users’ requirements Based on diversified customer requirements,

we have worked out flexible and diverse configuration plans to offer customers solutions with combined types and specifications. In addition, we offer products with optimal structures according to specific environment and applications.


6. Easy maintenance, widespread sales network

High-class raw material, components and standard parts along with rational overall structure leads to a lower rate of breakdown. Easy maintenance is also being considered in the elevator’s system design. In case of a breakdown, users can make repair by consulting the maintenance manual, which is fairly easy, convenient and speedy. Where there is a Guangdong Tonelee elevator, there is our first-class after-sale service center.

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